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Hi5 Adds Gaming Channel on Its Growingly Popular Social Networking Website

The popular social networking sites that took the internet by a storm about 8 years back has now a loyal group of users in the region of Africa, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. The website has a whopping 60 million visitors, all of these unique every month. The website has now decided on rewarding its loyal users by adding an exclusive games channel that has some pretty good community features.Hi5 games When one looks at just the description, there isn’t much extra that you can perceive when you look at it the first time. It looks pretty much like it follows the footsteps of Facebook since both of these social networking websites let friends to keep track of challenges and high scores of each other in a number of games. But there is a basic structural difference between the two. On release of the gaming channel, a spokeswoman from Hi5 said that hi5 is basically centralized.

The gage play of Hi5 can be accessed via a tab that is located on top of the screen, which looks quite like the ones in some of the popular gaming sites that are run by flash, for example AddictingGames and Miniclip. As soon as you open up a game on the Hi5 gaming channel, you are instantly presented with a flash of simple and colourful flash games like Skee-Ball and ‘Eek’. Another major difference is that for Facebook users to be able to access the game app and play the game, they need to ‘allow access’, but the games in Hi5 are instantly accessible to all registered users.

All of the games available on Hi5 share a common challenging and scoring system since the website builds in into every game. The efforts for monetization are way more obvious here than on Facebook, which is displayed vividly at every game’s end. As time passes by, Hi5 plans on adding some exclusive games and some in-game content as an extra source of revenue. There are some translations that will be made available soon, which are crowd-sourced and country-specific. Both of these features are quite in line with the growing popularity of the website.

The features as well as the setup of Hi5 games looks quite a bit like Kongregate that is a networking site meant just for gamers. The members of these websites can connect with each other via chat rooms that are exclusive for a particular game alone. They can also get achievements that are modelled after Xbox. But if you are a fan of flash games, then Hi5 will work out way better than Kongregate for you.

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