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Super Mario Game becomes More Interesting than Ever

Super Mario Run game is one of the most liked and played mobile games of recent times. Last year the game was launched on iPhone and it was really new in its class especially in the touchscreen interface.

It was added with new features, but still retained the core functionalities of conventional Mario. With the initial mode the game was not equipped with many features, hence players were bound to go through the same stages since December.

Analyzing the need of the hour, Nintendo released the first major update and it was Super Mario Run which amazed all. The new game mode known as “remix 10” came up for the players as an added advantage where the players got a chance to play a set of 10 new levels.

Remix 10 is designed in such a way that it has chopped Mario Run into bite-sized chunks. In short, it has divided the game into sub parts and each sub part will hardly take a few seconds to complete a stage. And the interesting part is that the players have to face three rainbow-colored coin distribution throughout the game which they have to complete in order to score points.

Players have to keep in mind that the new version does not having any do-over option which means that there are no new levels after you have completed all the ten levels.

The main advantage of “Remix 10” is that one can feel the thrill of completing one level after another. We all are aware that Mario Run is all about exploring alternate routes and hidden secrets in order to find the black coins, but in “remix 10”, you can experience unpredictable changes in fraction of seconds and this is what makes the whole game even more thrilling and exciting.

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