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Violating Policies of Games can bring you Some Serious Trouble

Gaming can really turn ugly if you violate their terms and conditions. Recently Fortnite publisher, Epic Games has filed a civil suit against two gamers. It was found these two people were allegedly cheating while playing the game online.

According to Kotaku, they basically used its services to hunt down and kill Twitch streamers playing the game online.

The Addicted Cheats site gives the services bots on rent that help players find and aim at their targets. There was some cheating with the source code and that’s why Epic Games issued a civil complaint that both the individuals must have to dive into and modify Fortnite’s source code.

This is a kind of game manipulation that helps the users to stay ahead in the game. It violates the online competition in the game from the user end. The clause is covered under the License Agreement and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

According to Gamestop, it’s really becoming quite difficult nowadays to deal with cheaters. Last year, Ubisoft ramped up their bans to the players who were violating the policy using code hacks to get an edge in The Division. Studio also banned some members permanently advocating this concern to be very serious to the democratic gaming community.

But in this instance, Epic is not suing the website to get off the internet, instead they are suing both the individuals for copyright infringement. It might lead to serious issues and they would have to pay at least $150,000 each if they are proven guilty.

The two defendants are from the technical support for AddictedCheats.com and there is a lot of confusion from the website on how they are going to handle the things. Once the case goes under trial, only then things would become clear. So, next time you think of manipulating the game by using some hacked code cheats, think twice before doing it.

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